Drawing a Day

One-drawing-a-day – this is the new blog site that our studio, Studio 1482, has launched. There are eight of us in the studio, so each of us will post something new up there every eight days. I hope you’ll check it out HERE. For my postings, I am going into the “archive” and posting some […]

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Day in the Park

A few days ago I had the opportunity to see my friend and sometime commenter on this blog, Eliot Brown. As I left the party we were both at, he yelled out to me, “more pictures”! So…here are more pictures!

Sunday was a really nice day in NYC, and Neil and I joined the many New Yorkers who relaxed on the lawn of my local park, fountain included! He worked and I drew – that’s not really work, although I do it for a living! I liked playing with the different textures in the park, and also drawing some of the local color…see below…

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