Underwater Drawing

I have such a back log of drawing and writing to post on this blog I don’t know where to start! So rather than go back to last summer’s trip to Spain, I’ll start with my most recent adventure and work my way back. With a few current posts along the way.

Just last month, Neil and I honeymooned in the Turks & Caicos islands – such a beautiful, romantic spot. We went snorkeling and Neil brought me a tablet used by divers to make notes underwater. Instead of making notes, I drew the fish.This first effort is a bit rough – the current was throwing me off. I aimed for one part of the tablet and somehow the pencil landed in another.

Here I am starting to get the hang of it. What beautiful scenery and fish to draw! The fish were actually interested in what I was doing. Maybe they thought I had a new kind of food for them? Or perhaps they are art appreciators. All I know is that there were an awful lot of yellow snappers heading my way (wasn’t too crazy about that) and then there was a small school of blue angel fish that were circling my legs while I drew. Now THAT I liked. : )

Here is a drawing on the back side of the tablet – Dive Provo was the shop we bought them from. It was really great fun to do this. I would like to figure out how to do some color drawing underwater, the colors in the waters off Grace Bay were magnificent.

On one of our snorkeling excursions, Neil and I met Max, a PhD candidate who had an underwater camera with him. He snapped this shot of me in action – thanks Max!

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  1. Nina Apple-Pine

    You are heading in the way my dreams are – I am hoping to do a sketchbook filled underwater one of these days! I figured out that pencil works but struggling with bringing color with me… Crayons?

  2. kate b

    this is BEAUTIFUL! oh i think you must’ve heard how much i love sea creatures. and the photo of you drawing is fantastic as well. makes me want to go swimming with fish now!


  3. Veronica Lawlor

    Hi Kate, thanks! You should definitely try snorkel/drawing, it was great fun! I am at Pratt on Thursday mornings room 411 – stop by and say hello any time. xoxo Ronnie

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