Underwater Drawing

I have such a back log of drawing and writing to post on this blog I don’t know where to start! So rather than go back to last summer’s trip to Spain, I’ll start with my most recent adventure and work my way back. With a few current posts along the way.

Just last month, Neil and I honeymooned in the Turks & Caicos islands – such a beautiful, romantic spot. We went snorkeling and Neil brought me a tablet used by divers to make notes underwater. Instead of making notes, I drew the fish.This first effort is a bit rough – the current was throwing me off. I aimed for one part of the tablet and somehow the pencil landed in another.

Here I am starting to get the hang of it. What beautiful scenery and fish to draw! The fish were actually interested in what I was doing. Maybe they thought I had a new kind of food for them? Or perhaps they are art appreciators. All I know is that there were an awful lot of yellow snappers heading my way (wasn’t too crazy about that) and then there was a small school of blue angel fish that were circling my legs while I drew. Now THAT I liked. : )

Here is a drawing on the back side of the tablet – Dive Provo was the shop we bought them from. It was really great fun to do this. I would like to figure out how to do some color drawing underwater, the colors in the waters off Grace Bay were magnificent.

On one of our snorkeling excursions, Neil and I met Max, a PhD candidate who had an underwater camera with him. He snapped this shot of me in action – thanks Max!

3 Responses to “Underwater Drawing”

  1. Nina Apple-Pine Says:

    You are heading in the way my dreams are – I am hoping to do a sketchbook filled underwater one of these days! I figured out that pencil works but struggling with bringing color with me… Crayons?

  2. kate b Says:

    this is BEAUTIFUL! oh i think you must’ve heard how much i love sea creatures. and the photo of you drawing is fantastic as well. makes me want to go swimming with fish now!


  3. Veronica Lawlor Says:

    Hi Kate, thanks! You should definitely try snorkel/drawing, it was great fun! I am at Pratt on Thursday mornings room 411 – stop by and say hello any time. xoxo Ronnie

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