One Drawing A Day book review!

Review for One Drawing A Day: A 6-Week Course Exploring Creativity with Illustration and Mixed Media:

“Beginning and experienced artists alike will find that this highly accessible book can boost motivation, strengthen discipline, or even jump-start creativity during a block.”— Library Journal, Oct. 2011  

The Studio 1482 One Drawing A Day book is out, and I’m very proud of the finished creation. It features the work of myself and the other 7 members of Studio 1482. I selected work from out One Drawing a Day blog that I thought would be perfect to inspire readers, and then wrote an exercise that would be an extension of that illustration that they could do themselves. That’s the way to be influenced by art – not by copying, but by taking it as a point of departure!

How this book came about: Mary Ann Hall, my now-editor at Quarry Books, contacted me and asked if I would like to write a how-to art book, based on the drawings posted on our Studio 1482 blog, One Drawing A Day. She thought that if one drawing every day worked for myself and the other members of the studio, it could work for everyone. I agreed, but wanted to make sure this was not a how-to technique book, but  a how-to creativity book. I wanted a book that would inspire people to create art through playing and experimenting, getting their hands dirty, seeing what they could come up with, and retaining their individuality. This is how I teach, not by showing students how I do something, but by putting them into situations where they are forced to let go of pre-conceived ideas and simply do something, anything, to fill up the page and bring it back to the critique. Give students questions, not answers – that was Plato’s philosophy and it’s a good one, that teaches young people to think for themselves. Once I can see what they do naturally, only then will I start to guide them and work with them on moving it forward and out into the world. The world needs more individuality and creativity, not a bunch of clones. Least of all, in art!

“Boost motivation and strengthen discipline” – I like that! I’m very happy with the first review of our first Studio 1482 book, and I hope you’ll all go out and get a copy to check it out for yourself.

The book is available now at bookstores, or online. (Here’s an Amazon link.)  Would love to hear feedback from any of you…

I want to extend my gratitude not only to Mary Ann Hall at Quarry Books, but to my Studio 1482 family that entrusted me with their art. Marg, Michele, Eddie, Dom, Greg, Despina and Kati – thanks guys, I hope you are all as happy with this book as I am! 


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  1. Jennifer Edwards

    I’ve already purchased my copy and can’t wait for its arrival!!

  2. Tracey

    The book is excellent with great exercises. I think it would make a great flickr pool group since you can do the exercises over and over.

  3. admin

    Thanks Jennifer!
    Tracey – we are setting up a flickr group now…stay tuned for more info!

    – Veronica

  4. Sue

    It’s a fabulous book–so vibrant, energetic, and full of beautiful things. Inspiring! Congratulations!

  5. William Ternay, Jr.

    As a longtime “sketcher”, courtroom artist (45 years) and illustrator and painter, I truly appreciate the work…and enthusiasm, of others of a like mind. Just want you to know I’ll be passing on your concepts re sketching daily just for the pure pleasure of it, to my students.
    Congratulations on creating this inspiring and beautiful little gem of a book.
    Bill Ternay

  6. Roy

    I’m 19 and doing Illustration at university in England.
    Your work is amazing and this book sounds very interesting.

  7. admin

    Thank you, Sue.
    Bill – I’m glad to hear you’ll be passing the book on to your students. I looked up your work – love it!
    Roy – good luck with your studies. We have a Flickr group:
    You can participate in the book’s daily exercises and upload them there for feedback from the Studio 1482 illustrators!

  8. Ian Barbour

    Just bought the Kindle version – I’m looking forward to drawing every day!

  9. AccuttimE

    Who and where to order this summer on holiday, slice your information.

  10. admin

    Ian – hope you’re drawing every day! you can check out our Flickr group to post your work:

    Our book can be ordered directly through Quarry Books:

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