Summer Don’t Go!!

bridge-in-fall.jpgOur last good shot at summer weather came this past Sunday here in New York City. Fortunately, I spent much of the late afternoon at the park by the bridge in Queens, New York. What a lovely way to end the summer. Damn, I hate to see it go – I feel like taping the leaves back on the branches of all the trees…would keep me fairly busy.It was fun painting the sun setting behind the bridge, with the trees poking up in front. The color was beautiful, and I found myself reaching for new combinations to describe the overall mood that day. Orangey -greeny -grey with accents of salmon. Wow. OK, so the fall DOES have it’s advantages. I’ll tell you though, I am counting off the days until I can run down the street in my flip flops again! Ah, summer….only fifty snowy evenings, thirty-five rainy afternoons, sixteen hundred blustery mornings and eleven thousand frozen¬†days to go until we’re back there!


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  1. Greg Betza

    Hey Ron, really beautiful. I hear ya, I’ve been counting the days since Labor Day!

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