My Beautiful Sister


This post is about my beautiful sister, Patty. Patty and I are just over one year apart – almost Irish twins (which would be less than 12 months apart.) I can’t remember a day of my life when I didn’t know her, and obviously she can say the same thing, since I’m the older one. Those of you who know me, know that Patty is fighting metastatic breast cancer, and has been fighting it for two years. Or what seems like twenty years. These drawings are the first I’ve made of Patty since high school, I think.    PATTYOur friend Charlotte Noruzi creates wearable art, often based on the body, and she created a fiber sculpture to bring attention breast cancer. When she asked if Patty would like to model the piece, called “Winged Victory,” for a photo shoot, Patty said yes.


While Charlotte’s friend Jill took photographs, I drew. It was such a special day, Patty really enjoyed posing and was both strong and vulnerable at the same time. In other words, she was just herself. I am inspired every day by Patty’s attitude and fortitude in dealing with the various indignities of treatments, including losing her hair during brain radiation; it’s finally starting to grow back in. Happily, the lost hair was not in vain and the treatments were helpful.  Please stop and send her a little prayer or some good energy that this trend will continue!




This is a drawing of Patty and Charlotte at the end of the photo shoot. I love the way Patty feels in this drawing – it’s that combination of strength and vulnerability that is so inspiring to me. Her humor and kindness have only grown as she fights this disease. I knew I had a strong sister, but I didn’t know how strong she is. Her last scan was stable, we are so happy! And are praying it stays that way, and then goes into remission. Send prayers!!!

I’m so used to being the older sister, and maybe the one to take care of things a little more, that it’s been hard for me to feel like there is so little I can do to help.  When Patty and I were kids growing up in the city, she would always push me on to the public bus first. I can’t go on the bus with Patty this time, but I’ll sure as hell be running alongside as fast as my feet can carry me.

Thanks Charlotte and Jill for a nice day celebrating my beautiful sister. Love, Veronica

PS If you would like to help – you can donate to these organizations that help my sister and others facing cancer:

Support Connection:

Gilda’s Club Westchester:

PSS You can see some of Charlotte’s beautiful wearable artwork HERE.


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  1. miguel

    Sometimes you stumble upon a masterwork and you feel you must shut up and listen and feel how almost everything you’re making, even if well made, seldom go beyond banality… and learn. Thank you Veronica.

  2. Veronica

    What a beautiful thing to say. Gracias Miguel.

  3. Charles Catanzaro

    Anything I could say would be banal. You both have my best – in all ways, at all times.

  4. Don McNulty

    Wishing you the best and sending a prayer Patty.

  5. Susan Buroker

    Sending an abundance of love and positive energy!!! Always in my thoughts and prays. You are two very strong an amazing sisters!! xxxo

  6. Veronica

    Thank you very much, Don.

  7. Veronica

    I know that Charles, and appreciate it. xo

  8. Veronica

    Thank you Sue – we both appreciate that and love you back!

  9. wendy

    This is such a lovely and thoughtful post Ronnie, my best intentions to all of you.

  10. Cathy Johnson (kate)

    She IS beautiful, Ronnie, and so are your sketches. My gloriously beautiful godchild Molly went through this, and her older sister who is a professional photographer got some incredible photos of her, sans hair. The courage of these young women is inspiring, isn’t it?

    Molly is doing great–may Patty do as well!

  11. Debo Boddiford

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts to two strong sisters!! Veronica, your story and sketches are very touching…perhaps the first of many for an inspirational book? Hugs!!

  12. Si-yeon

    beautiful drawing, writing, and sister. Patty is winner… lots love and care sending to you and patty and ur family…

  13. Shari

    Drawn with so much love Veronica. Sending best wishes for her good heatlh!

  14. margaret hurst

    As you’ve both become stronger over these past two years your relationship with each other has done the same. Always putting out the positive energy!

  15. Veronica

    Thank you everyone – for your good thoughts, prayers, and encouraging words.

  16. Bill Sharp

    I lost my best friend and wife to breast cancer in July. I’m so sorry to hear that your family is going through this. Your drawings and words are beautiful. I will keep you and your sister in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. Veronica

    Bill I’m so sorry.

  18. Charlotte

    I’m happy to have been a tiny part of your lives together that day. Love to you both. Sending prayers and continued healing.

  19. Jennifer Lawson

    Such a beautiful and moving post, Ronnie. You and Patti are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Your devoted student, forever.

  20. Darice

    Wow, what a beautiful expression and gift to be able to share that moment with your sister. You are both in my prayers and thoughts.

  21. Inma Serrano

    I hope Patty recovers completely. I think life is hard sometimes with people who know how to be brave.
    Wonderful these drawings from your soul.

  22. Carolina Kroon

    So much love and beauty here Ronnie. thank you for sharing it! These situations do make one feel helpless but look how many people you have touched by making and sharing your gifts. I see a whole drawing for cancer awareness and community building/support class developing :> All my best to you, your sister and family in this challenging time and positive thoughts and prayers coming your way! xo

  23. Veronica

    Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful sentiments and support.
    Charlotte – it was a great day, and your work is gorgeous besides.
    Jen – thank you, that’s a lovely thought
    Darice – very much appreciated!
    Inma – yes, she is very brave, it’s inspiring to me.
    Carolina – so supportive, thank you for saying that.

  24. Tommy Kane

    Beautiful story and drawings.

  25. Veronica

    Thank you Tommy.

  26. Jodi Turk


    Your beautiful drawings and words moved me so much. I have had two friends who have gone through the entire process of radiation and chemo for breast cancer and both are cancer free and healthy now for over 5 years. I will send the best feelings of health and healing to Patty.


  27. Veronica

    Thank you Jodi. It’s encouraging to hear about your friends. Thank you for your thoughts towards my sister. xo

  28. Linda Christman

    They are beautiful drawings Veronica…cancer has been close in our family as well … last husband passed away with melanoma …..he was so young at age 36. His sister was only 42 that passed away with breast cancer. I will pray for your sister…it is close to my heart.

  29. Eddie Peña

    “As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.”
    Proverbs 27:19

    Thank you for sharing from the most intimate of your heart.


  30. Veronica

    Linda, so sorry to hear about your husband and sister in law.

  31. Veronica

    Thank you Eddie, that’s beautiful.

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