Travers Park


Travers Park is the main meeting point of Jackson Heights. At 8 am on a Sunday morning, it’s buzzing with people exercising, chatting, dog walking, etc., etc. Also, the farmer’s market is setting up for the morning’s business. I went there this morning with Neil to do some drawing (need to practice, even in the cold!) and watch him exercise. While I was drawing, I met a little girl named Grace, about seven years old, who also likes to draw. She proceeded to sit next to me on the bench, and art direct me through the entire drawing you see above. “Did you get that man running? Did you get those dogs? Why don’t you draw that little boy with the basketball?” She was hysterical. And right on the money, too! She told me that she liked to draw good things to eat, like an ice cream sundae. I gave her a piece of paper and said, “let’s draw the parkĀ  together.”

travers-park-2-dec-2013I told Grace I was drawing Neil exercising (center, above) and asked her why didn’t she draw that? “He’s moving a lot,” she said, “so I’m just going to pick one pose and do that.” Let me tell you, Grace nailed it. I wish I had the presence of mind to take a picture of her finished drawing with my i-phone, because her illustration was way better than mine. She didn’t miss a thing!

travers-park-3-dec-2013After a while, Grace got tired of training me, and decided to show me how she trains the local dogs instead, using a stick with leaves on the end of it. I drew her with the dogs, above, and she came running over to see the result. “Did you get the dogs standing up, trying to get the leaves?” she asked. “I did it twice for you.” Ha ha, another creative director in the making! Hope to see her again in the park some time, I could use a few more pointers!

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  1. Roxanne Says:

    Totally enjoyed your sketches from the park today. Thank you.

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