Columbia University Women’s Basketball Reportage

whole-game.jpg Today Margaret Hurst and I went to see a women’s basketball game at Columbia University on 113th St. in Manhattan. They played North Carolina, and unfortunately, lost. But Marg and I had a great time drawing. I couldn’t decide whose body language I enjoyed more: the basketball players, the cheerleaders, or the coach. The players are great to watch – I think they have four legs and six arms each. No kidding. One of the girls had the BEST hairdo – a big poof of hair coming up off the top of her head. She was a pretty formidable player. And the muscles these ladies have – wow – they are tough. Pushing, shoving, squeaking across the court. They really are serious about putting that orange ball through the hoop. And I don’t know how they can concentrate on the game with all the racket going on. People yelling, the band playing (all eighties music, for some reason) and cheerleaders cheering and clapping. I found the constant noise and activity to be pretty intense. Here is the girl with the great hair,blocking one of the Columbia players… basketballers-1.jpgAnd here is one of the many moments when the girls hit the deck of the court…ow, that’s gotta hurt. Lots of skinned knees I imagine. Why don’t they wear knee pads?? basketballers-3-foul.jpg While this is going on the cheerleaders stand ever ready to cheer – whenever there was a time out, even for five seconds, they jumped out on to the court and started clapping and jumping. I was getting overwhelmed with the constant stimulation of it all. At one point they formed a human pyramid and Marg asked me, “what’s the point of that?” I have to admit I didn’t know.  ***    Below I’ve also posted a few drawings of the cheerleaders and also of the coach. He was my favorite to watch and draw. Very emotional, constantly gesticulating in his dark suit, with a head shaped like a bullet. He was right out of Hollywood Central Casting – “the coach” played by himself. cheerleaders.jpgcoach.jpg And last, but not least, the half time show….    half-time-show.jpg  What a fun thing to do and a great escape from holiday shopping and craziness!! (Thanks Alison and Trinka, for the tickets.)  


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  1. larry

    Happy drawing in 09!

  2. admin

    Thanks Larry, you too!
    – Ronnie

  3. Matt Jones

    Incredible work here Veronice-discovered your art throughthe Urban Sketch Blog.
    I adore your style of reportage sketching.

  4. admin

    thanks Matt, this reportage was particularly fun to do – especially that coach!

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