Eid Mubarak!


My NYC neighborhood of Jackson Heights is home to a large Muslim population from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Since this weekend was Eid, the end of Ramadan, our local park (Travers) was turned over to a Muslim prayer service on Sunday morning. As I live near the park, I decided to walk over and draw […]

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Sakura – the cherry blossoms – those fleeting, etherial flowers that arrive in early spring. No matter how much work you may have to do, or things you may have on your mind, when the cherry tree blooms you must take a little time to sit and appreciate it’s beauty. Ahhh….spring.

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Travers Park

Travers Park is the main meeting point of Jackson Heights. At 8 am on a Sunday morning, it’s buzzing with people exercising, chatting, dog walking, etc., etc. Also, the farmer’s market is setting up for the morning’s business. I went there this morning with Neil to do some drawing (need to practice, even in the […]

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Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights – a little New York City neighborhood, located somewhere between Pakistan and Colombia. At least, that’s how one of my new neighbors described it. As Jackson Heights is the most diverse neighborhood in the most diverse city (NYC) in the United States, a country of immigrants, I would have to agree. Several months […]

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