VERONICA LAWLOR‘s romantically inclined reportage drawings have led her around the world, including a reportage of Italy and portrait of Pope John Paul II. On this side of the Atlantic she has travelled across the United States drawing icons of America for Brooks Brothers 185th anniversary campaign, and has completed reportage assignments for numerous clients including 3M Corporation and the Hyatt hotel chain. In 2002 she documented VaxGen’s quest to create an AIDS vaccine for the companies annual report. The only artist to draw, on the spot, the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, her work is featured in the Newseum, the Washington DC museum of journalism; the drawings were also exhibited at Montserrat College and the New York City Fire Museum. The full series is published in a book titled, September 11, 2001: Words and Pictures.

Ms. Lawlor’s work has appeared in numerous publications and her picture book, I Was Dreaming to Come to America: Memories of the Ellis Island Oral History Project (Viking) was honored by the National Council for Social Studies, and exhibited in Washington DC. She has also shown her work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Puck Gallery, Gallery 1482, the Society of Illustrators, the Rx Club and the Ellis Island Museum of Immigration. Additionally Veronica’s drawings and silk paintings on issues of world hunger were exhibited at the United Nations World Food Summit in Rome. Her fashion work includes advertising for Lord & Taylor and a series of hand printed “art-to-wear” garments.

Veronica Lawlor is currently on the faculty of Pratt Institute and Parsons School of Design, and conducts private reportage workshops worldwide. She is a graduate of Parsons School of Design (BFA) and the New School (MA). Additionally Veronica studied with (and later had the honor of teaching with) the late David J. Passalacqua. More recently she is the co-founder of the Dalvero Academy. Veronica is also a correspondent on the international location drawing blog, Urban Sketchers, and the author of several books on drawing and illustration: One Drawing A Day, One Watercolor A Day, and the Urban Sketcher’s Handbook to Reportage and Documentary Illustration, due out in September 2015.

STUDIO 1482 consists of seven members with one common goal – to communicate visually in new, unique and exciting ways. Each member of the studio works both as an individual and in concert with the other six. The studio is based on reportage – drawing and illustrating on site. This kind of engagement creates unusual visual solutions that are graphically appropriate for the problem at hand.To view Veronica Lawlor’s portfolio and the other 1482 artists, please visit the site at

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