PUZZLING OUT THE PICTURE - Urban Sketchers Weekend Workshop

NEW DATES: October 20 – 22, New York City

Many times, when a sketcher arrives at a busy urban location, there is a sense of being overwhelmed. So many people moving in so many different directions; so many buildings towering above; so many shops; so many cars; so many signs; so much of so many! This workshop will teach you how to puzzle it all out, bringing the pieces together in a wide picture full of dimension and graphic expression, which ultimately can tell the story of a place.

We’ll begin the first day by employing the thumbnail as a way to explore the environment around us, and the people, buildings, and objects within that space. We’ll discuss how to organize so much information into one picture, and how to explore the storytelling possibilities of those pictures, in a sense, as a filmmaker does with a storyboard.
On the second day we’ll learn how to create larger sketches that tell the “big picture” story of our urban setting, and use focal points to draw attention to the people and stories that emerge within the space through a combination of line, marks, and color.
Learning Goals:
·     How to embrace the “overwhelmingness” of an urban setting and find your focus in a picture.
·     How to use dimension, and work with entrances and exits in picture-making.
·     How to combine people, buildings, plant life, and objects in one picture, differentiating them with line, shape, and texture.
·     Capturing the overall story – roughly, describing the ‘vibe’ of the place and the people within.
Workshop Location: We’ll spend two days in New York City’s famous Central Park and Times Square, as well as Friday evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
For daily schedule and registration information, please follow this LINK to Urban Sketchers.org.