Canson Cover Art!

The pads are out on the shelves now!

A while ago, the lovely people at Canson paper contacted me to see if I would be interested to do art for the covers of their new pads: Artists Illustration, Artists Mi-Tientes for colored pencil, and the Foundation Series Mixed Media pads. What fun, not only to do them, but to see them on the shelves for sale! Please look for them at your local art store… : )

Here is the art:

The best part of this is, when I was a young art student, this was about the only work I could see for illustration…and now I’ve done that job!  Of course, I soon learned that there were many more markets for illustration in addition to pad covers but still, it’s kind of a good feeling.


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  1. Danielle C. McManus

    Amazing Ronnie! I’m out of paper and even if I wasn’t I’ll be on a mission to find these out here in the Midwest! :) The flower one is my favorite one but I love them all! :) Love, Dan

  2. Tracey

    Those are really nice designs, I especially like the top one. I hope I can find any of these in the art stores.

  3. Jim Richards

    Oh, this is wonderful! I plan to collect them all, just like baseball cards! Congratulations, Ronnie…well deserved!

  4. Donna McMenamin

    Absolutely stunning Ronnie. I will have to try one of these–congrats!

  5. gabi campanario

    They look fabulous, congrats Ronnie!

  6. admin

    Thanks everyone! It was such a nice job to have the opportunity to do.

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