A Taste of Spring

Today was a taste of spring in New York City – the temperatures were in the upper forties (fahrenheit) and the sun was shining, that’s right, SHINING, all day! I had the good fortune to spend a few hours on the Highline, a park on Manhattan’s west side, and make some drawings of the New Yorkers coming out of their caves. We all saw our shadows – which means spring will be full on very soon. Although I hear we’ll have snow tomorrow…

The Highline has these great wooden deck chairs that people love to sprawl out in. Even while wearing winter coats. It’s like the public living room of New Yorkers and we do get very comfortable. Maybe too comfortable sometimes…this lady was out for the count…

Can’t even see the faces of the women below, too many coats, sweaters, and scarves piled around them.

I love how this lady (below) just slumped down right into the chair. A long, cold, snowy winter will do that to you. The lady to her right just wasn’t ready yet to give up her coat with the fur collar, or her hat. But the sunglasses add just the right amount of “I’m ready for spring” feel, don’t you think?

Of course the ubiquitous New York City water towers dot the skyline like birds in a forest of trees. Wouldn’t quite be the same without them. I liked how the corner windows framed this one in my thumbnail below. And by the way, doesn’t the fashionista on the left look happy? She actually seemed pretty happy but when I drew her this expression came out. Drawing is kind of like drinking – the truth pops out sometimes. “In drawing veritas,” or something like that. Here’s to an end to winter – happy (almost) spring!



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  1. miguel

    The fashionista should say “In drawing veritas, in clothing Adidas” (or maybe Adidas is too sportive for a fashionista :P ) Great great drawings!

  2. Veronica

    Ha! Yes, Adidas might not work. See you soon… :)

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