The Unspecific Index

Here are a few images from the exhibit: The Unspecific Index, on view at 601Artspace through Feb 2. (


I’m standing in front of the mural I designed for artist Paul Ryan, illustrating his EARTHSCORE notational system, and its applications to environmental issues and inter-personal communication. If you are interested in what the symbols on the wall mean, I would encourage you to visit Paul’s website at Really interesting ideas and art: Paul is an artist who has the idealism and the brain power to make a meaningful contribution to the world. His work on Three-ing was exhibited at documenta this past summer; I was lucky enough to be asked to design some of the graphics for his pavilion.


Above you’ll see two of my students, Chris Brody and Evan Turk, looking at some of Paul’s incredible video work utilizing Earthscore. Many thanks to Paul Ryan for this opportunity, and also to Erin Sickler, curator of the exhibit (and Earthscore enthusiast!) This show was one of the highlights of 2012 for me.



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