Day in the Park


A few days ago I had the opportunity to see my longtime friend and sometime commenter on this blog, Eliot Brown. As I left the party we were both at, he yelled out to me, “more pictures”!  I’m assuming he meant on this blog, as I have been very busy lately and not so busy posting! So…here are more pictures… Sunday was a really nice day in NYC, and Neil and I joined the many New Yorkers who relaxed on the lawn of my local park, fountain included. He worked and I drew – that’s not really work, although I do it for a living! I liked playing with the different textures in the park, and also drawing some of the local color…see below… 
I call these guys the frisbee warriors. Really, they’re armed and dangerous with that little plastic disc. Until that is, the local authority, in the person of one security guard, asked them to stop endangering the other park revelers with their plastic missile! I don’t know who complained about them, perhaps it was this woman below…
This was a true love affair going on between her and her dog. Manhattan people really love their dogs. Personally, I wish they would erect little doggie outhouses for them all, as I don’t love their doggie packages all over the city. However, I did lust after this guys shady spot – 
– and when Neil and I came back from Papaya Dog with our lovely hot dog dinners he was gone! So we nabbed it and enjoyed the rest of our weekend!

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  1. Don McNulty

    Your drawings are wonderful Veronica. I am an old wannabe who started drawing when I retired so I leave a lot to be desired but I am having the best time doing it. Thanks for the inspiration, here and on UrbanSketchers.

  2. admin

    Thanks for your kind words Don.

    I agree, I always have the best time drawing as well – it’s the best way to spend the day. And if you can have a hot dog at the park while you’re doing it, so much the better!

    – Veronica

  3. Frank Bettendorf

    Veronica, Wonderful line work and development of place. I envy your ability to, with just a fluid mark, capture the essence of what you are seeing. Lots of people have drawing skills but you use your skills to gather more of the feeling of the scene than so many others. I hope you’ll post more more often. But, I do understand that you have a work life as well. Thanks. Frank

  4. Josh Rose

    Your work is inspiring. I’m posting a bit on Urban Sketchers on my own blog about creativity tomorrow. Thanks for putting your work up, I really enjoy it.

    – Josh

  5. admin

    Thanks for your lovely comments all! Josh, I’ll look for your post on Urban Sketchers.

    – Veronica

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