Drawing a Day

onedrawingaday_blogOne-drawing-a-day – this is the new blog site that our studio, Studio 1482, has launched. There are eight of us in the studio, so each of us will post something new up there every eight days. I hope you’ll check it out HERE. For my postings, I am going into the “archive” and posting some of the drawings I made in New Orleans back in 2005. I drew the Jazz Festival, as well as did reportage around the city and jazz clubs. What a great place! I had a terrific time drawing and even made some friends along the way.  The first drawing below is of the zydeco tent at the Jazz Fest. If you don’t know what zydeco music is then you really have to check it out! Think afro-caribbean-french with accordions, lyrics loaded with sexual innuendo (the cute kind, not like rap music) and lots of yelping. It’s really FUN! Hope you enjoy looking at these drawings as much as I enjoyed making them…



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