A Drawing A Day SBS Klass


I’m very excited to announce the launch of my new Sketchbook Skool klass, A Drawing A Day! Check out the trailer, HERE. I had so much fun filming these klasses (yes, with a k) with Danny Gregory and the SBS crew. And a few friends showed up to draw with me as well.  The klass starts on January 2, to help students create a resolution for 2017 of making a drawing every day.

And to celebrate the launch of this class, an offshoot of our Studio 1482 book, One Drawing A Day*, the members of Studio 1482 will be doing each of the exercises from the book, starting on January 2, and posting them on our One Drawing A Day blogsite here. What a great way to start the new year!

 *review of One Drawing A Day:

“Based on the popular One Drawing A Day blog, this book presents 42 short drawing exercises—one per day for six weeks. These simple project ideas address different aspects of drawing including line quality, subject matter, inspiration, and color. Various styles are represented and a wide range of media is covered as Lawlor (Pratt Inst. & Parsons The New School for Design) and seven other professional illustrators explain the exercises. Also included is a gallery section showcasing the contributors’ own work. Beginning and experienced artists alike will find that this highly accessible book can boost motivation, strengthen discipline, or even jump-start creativity during a block.” - Library Journal


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