Back in NYC


Well it’s good to be home. Very shortly after my return from Asia I was on a plane to Orlando to teach a reportage class with my friend and fellow studio 1482 member Margaret Hurst. We were in Epcot, and of course I went to the Japanese pavilion. I was mooning around there, practicing my few words of Japanese. Arrigato!! Konichiwa!!! Wakarimasen!! It was fun. Of course, the Japanese people there humored me and smiled at my enthusiasm. I really do love those people.
This is a little drawing of a group of people that I did while at the park. The family interactions at Disney are hysterical. I notice that there is usually one person who drives the entire family dynamic. In the case of the family above, you would think the poor little girl in the wheelchair would be the main event, but actually it seemed to be the large woman at the right. Battle of the egos! Seriously, I don’t know why the sociologists of the world haven’t descended on Disneyworld in droves. It’s a regular petrie dish of human relations. You see adults acting like kids, kids acting like adults, and everything in between. I saw ‘Prince Charming’ there as well. The guy actually said to me, ‘Do you know who I am? I’m Prince Charming!’ It was great. If I were in a nightclub in NYC I would have given him the old eye roll, but since I was in the Magic Kingdom I loved it. What a neat place; we had a blast. However, I am happy now to be waking up in my own bed here in NY. I love this city. It’s so REAL. The people may not be as refined in their politeness as the people in Tokyo are, but they are just as nice in their own way. For example, every time in my life (twice) that I have experienced a flat tire while driving through the city it has been in one of the so-called ‘bad’ neighborhoods of New York. And BOTH times I was approached by a young man who looked like a gang member who called me ma’am, and changed my tire for me. How great is that? Gotta love it.

So anyway, I’m home, I’m happy, and I’m getting ready to do some exploring right here in my home town. Right after I pick up a coffee and a bagel!!


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  1. marg

    Who said you can’t go back home? Travel is greeat, but NY is the most incredible city in the world. If you make that a mini muffin I’d be happy to join you for that cup of coffee. I’m assuming it has to be in the traditional “Greek” paper cup, right? The best! Nice drawings Ron.

  2. Eliot

    What? Already pining for the back streets of Old Tokyo? Or was it the back mountains of China? Hmmm– I can’t keep ’em straight. I’m still pining for The Blue Bayou of DisneyLand (c. 1967) good luck to me getting back to it.
    So! making your own hot dog soup? Next you should go to the Wailing Wall and see what a real bagel tastes like!
    Glad you’re back, safe and sound. Neat architecture as usual. The solicitousness of the crowd for that chair-bound kid is palpable– now that’s a nice piece!

  3. alison kudlacik

    I definitely heart NY! Don’t forget to read your NY Post horoscope before ventuing out into the city for the day :) And I believe the NY version of “Prince Charming” is the “Naked Cowboy” haha! Love the drawings, as usual!

  4. marg

    And what’s wrong with reading the NY Post horoscope on an obsessive daily basis I ask?

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