Interview on Brooklyn Independent Television

At the end of June, Jon Gerberg, a reporter I met while drawing the Egyptian Solidarity rally (see post HERE) came with two colleagues and interviewed me for the Brooklyn Independent Television program, “Caught in the Act.” The show profiles artists who live or work in Brooklyn. It was great fun to have them all in the studio and following me on the streets of Brooklyn to draw! One thing they did that I enjoyed, Jon would point to someone walking down the street and say, “draw him!” and then I would draw the person while they filmed them. Kind of like, “change! change! change!” that my teacher would yell out when I was a student in drawing class. Thank you to Jon, Judy and Norm for a great job with the interview, below:


Clip provided by: Brooklyn Independent Television, a community media program of BRIC Arts | Media | Bklyn.

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    […] whole concept behind drawings made at an event to “report” on the happenings there.  This video is a MUST SEE about my favorite reportage artist, Veronica […]

  2. Simon Spare

    Hi there – very nice film – and great drawings – very moving about 9/11.

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