Listen to the Children

Today in Washington DC, NYC, Chicago, LA, and every other city, state and town in the America – and around the world – there was a “March for Our Lives” to demand gun reform in the United States.

Organized by the kids from Parkland, the marches were full of children and teenagers demanding sensible gun laws and a stop to the violence. Central Park West was packed all along the park with children and their parents, and other adults, who gathered in full force to say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Here are some reportage illustrations I made as I walked with the crowd…

I knew I shouldn’t have had that second cup of coffee…the march was set to begin at 11 am, and by 10 am, the streets around 72nd St. were so packed that the NYPD had set up barricades and as we exited the subway station, they guided us uptown to 86th St., at the back of the crowd. Of course, by the time we got to 86th we were in the middle of the crowd… Kids were everywhere, with handmade signs and plenty of spirit.

This little girl led the cheer from atop her father’s shoulders: “Show me what democracy looks like!” she cried out. And the crowd answered: “This is what democracy looks like!” After a few rounds, she leaned down to her father and said, “I did it!”

Rounding the corner to 86th St., the crowd was filling the street from end to end. The little kids in strollers really got to me, with little hands holding signs that said things like: “Protect Me.”

Some other poignant signs:

Everyone had a sign, and the children were especially touching. Gathered together, the messages of the crowd all melded together into one collective voice, saying, Listen to the Kids, Enough is Enough!Are you listening Congress?

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  1. Ute Plank

    Very touching and incredibly well done!

  2. Veronica

    Thank you so much.

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