NBC News and the Macy’s Balloon Blow Up

This year Margaret Hurst and I went over to draw the blowing up of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons, as we do every year. But this year, Katy Tur from NBC interviewed us and filmed us drawing! We are going to be on the NBC news tonight, November 24, at 11 pm. How exciting! Thanks Katy!!

The drawing above is the one I was making while being filmed. Below are some other drawings from the evening:

Spiderman is always a crowd pleaser! And there’s my favorite, Sponge Bob!

Mickey Mouse was wearing some kind of crazy hat, and facing down, but I would recognize that little guy anywhere!

And of course, Snoopy as the Red Baron has been a parade favorite since I was a kid. Look at that nose!

Another fun year of drawing the balloon scene with Marg, and this year we will be doing it on NBC. How much fun is that! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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  1. CathyG

    I wish I could have seen the news broadcast Ronnie, congratulations to you and Marg! Just wonderful sketches, as always, an inspiration!

  2. admin

    Thanks, Cathy! Marg and I look forward to drawing this at Thanksgiving each year; being on television doing it was extra exciting! – Ronnie

  3. Swasky

    Very nice! I like all of them. I love the contrast between lines. Congrats!

  4. Donna McMenamin

    Totally cool drawings–teach me please.

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