New year, new projects


Well, it’s 2008, unbelievably enough – those of you who were born before 1975 understand my meaning completely! I so remember plotting where I would be when the millenium turned – the year 2000 – and not being able to even imagine life beyond then. The post-2000 years have been terrific.

Above is a detail from my inaugural 2008 project; actually I started it last year. It’s about memory and perception – how we remember things based on the taste, touch, smell, sound and sight of them. It’s been interesting to get people’s responses and put them together in unusual ways. So, planning for our next show I am very excited to start the new year thinking about this series. And of course, I need to get started on my thesis for Media studies…here we go, another busy year coming up!

Happy, happy 2008!!


study for sensations series: Sounds of Love


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  1. Eliot Brown

    Now this is when I wish the “click to” image got larger… I see small hands, an animal-ish leg, a couple of open-mouthed faces and flowing, sensual shapes.
    Are you planning on a CD for those sounds? a-hah.

  2. admin

    The Cd is a good idea!
    You don’t need the larger “click to”, you spotted the images pretty well. The small hands are the sound of one woman’s daughter laughing when she was being tickled – I loved illustrating that.

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