“No Kelen Kelen”


“No kelen kelen” is a West African term meaning, ‘no deception’, and it’s the title of the new CD by JoJo Kuo. (The photos and design of the CD were created by yours truly.)

The cover photograph was shot in a little basement club on Houston Street where JoJo was performing. What a fun shoot – but what a tough one! I think I used about six little strobes placed all around the drumset. Every time I took a photo, the whole corner lit up! I wondered what the audience thought…

Anyway, the music is fun, with a lot of diverse cultural influences, especially West African (where JoJo is from) and Caribbean flavors. Check it out here.

The shot below is from the inside booklet, shot on the street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, outside a club called Zebulon – a very laid back cafe with good music selections and nice people. (Man, this post is one plug after another…)



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