Phantom Thread Fashion at the Society

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the Society of Illustrators Sketch Night, dedicated to the 1950s fashions and elegance featured in the film “Phantom Threads.” The evening featured, aside from great models and fashion, free sewing kits and a movie ticket raffle, which I won! It’s always fun to draw elegant fashion, especially at the Society, where I can walk down the stairs and be influenced by my favorites such as Austin Briggs and Al Parker. And of course, with this subject matter I was thinking of my fashion idols of the era – René Gruau, Eric, and René Bouché – whose work I saw at a slide show as I turned the corner on the second floor.

Being there with my Studio 1482 colleagues Greg Betza and Dominick Santise made it even better. During the break we snuck down to the main gallery to see Greg’s work featured in the SI60 exhibition – congrats Greg!

Here are some other fashion illustrations from the evening. Thanks to illustrators Bill Donovan for hosting and Stefano Imbert for doing some modeling as well. (He’s great to draw!)

Loved the tailoring scene, inspired by the Phantom Threads movie plot. (Looking forward to seeing it.)

Stefano cutting quite an elegant figure!



The other man modeling (I’m sorry I don’t remember his name) had a very wistful feeling when he posed. Lovely.


The woman who modeled (again, sorry don’t remember her name) really played the part of the elegant 1950s society lady. She was made to wear the clothing of this era!

Nothing like that 1950s RED! And of course, Revlon “Really Red” lipstick was the go-to.


I mean, REALLY RED lipstick. My Mom and Grandmother both wore it.


This lady had the style and body language down.

Stepping out.

Of course, with a handsome escort by your side!

By the way, the music complimented the posing and era wonderfully. It was a fun evening – thanks for taking the time to look at these illustrations. Looking forward to the next one!

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  1. Polina Ben-Sira

    These are gorgeous! Makes me want to dress up and go to a party.
    :) Polina

  2. Marie-Helene Brohan Delhaye

    Love these!! I’m currently doing your A Drawing A Day class on Sketchbook Skool, and I’m having a lot of fun. These fashion sketches are definitely and inspiration!

  3. Janet Beare

    Wonderful drawings from Society of Illustrators. You are so fortunate to have them as a resource. Saw the movie & loved the fashion offerings although the story was not what I was expecting. Probably a good thing. Makes you think!

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