Snow Day with Erica and Studio 1482


On Saturday, while the snow fell in New York City, I was in Brooklyn with the members of Studio 1482, drawing Erica. Some of my favorite days are spent like this – hanging out with friends, drawing a beautiful model, enjoying each other’s company. And of course, a nice dinner together at the end of the day. Well, the snowfall put the kibosh on dinner, but it was still a great day. Posting some of my drawings here…


Even though it was in the 20s outside, I can still dream of spring, can’t I?  The power of art to bring our fantasies to life, even in January! :)





Already plotting when we can do this again!

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  1. Maggie Mardis

    I am one of your Drawing A Day Students. These are just exquisite and so much fun.

  2. Veronica

    Thank you Maggie! I hope you’re enjoying the klass.

  3. Maggie Mardis

    Veronica, I am enjoying the Klass. I come from a tighter Botanical approach lately and this well thought out Klass has moved me into more abstract and expressive directions with my marks. I took the Klass to renew a daily drawing habit and to be inspired to look at things differently. Both are happening. Thanks for the hard work you put into developing this.

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