Stand Up Fight Back


And so it begins. Today President Trump began his a crackdown on illegal immigration, ordered the construction of a wall on the Mexican border to begin, and announced plans for additional actions cutting back on legal immigration that included barring Syrian refugees. (See New York Times story HERE.)

The response in New York City (and other major American cities) was swift. New York Mayor Bill deBlasio vowed to fight the President’s plan for immigration, stating that “New York City is a city of immigrants and always has been.” (ABC news, HERE.)

And there was a big rally in Washington Square Park tonight, supporting immigrants. There were also people at the rally protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, and asserting our rights to clean water. Can’t keep all the issues separated – they are all blending together!

I arrived at the rally in progress, and joined my friend Julia Sverchuk who was already there documenting it. Here are some drawings from the evening. STAND UP FIGHT BACK was the cry of the crowd, many of whom held candles up in support. Another large crowd of energized and motivated citizens, joined together under the statue of George Washington in downtown New York.


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