The Seth Myers Trio at Analogue

jazz-trio-11On the night before the night before Christmas, Julia Sverchuk and I were invited by Seth Myers to come to a new 8th St. lounge, Analogue, and see him perform with the Seth Myers Trio – consisting of himself, drummist Will Terrel, and guitarist Joe Cohn. Seth was especially looking forward to playing with Joe, his teacher and mentor. Julia and I decided to go, and it was wonderful! We listened to fantastic music, spent time among friends, and drew together in a nice Greenwich Village club that wasn’t dirty or loud, it was just perfect.

Can’t get much better than that, folks.

I absolutely love to draw musicians while they play – especially jazz musicians when they improvise – as their body language is so eloquent. Love the body language going on by Joe Cohn, below:


Even if you didn’t hear the music, you can tell who is improvising and leading the trio by watching who has the most expressive body language. Fortunately Julia and I could hear the music, as they were wonderful. Seth gave us each two of his CDs, I’ve been listening to them since. Here are some more drawings of the evening:

jazz-trio-6jazz-trio-duetSeth and Joe often seemed to be conversing through the music – –

jazz-trio-movement–while Will seemed to be looking all around the club while he played, at the other two musicians and the audience. I wanted to capture that moving portrait, above left. Also wanted to capture the fingers flying, above right, Seth on the bass and Joe on the guitar.jazz-trio-1As Julia mentions in her post, after the set was over we had a conversation about the links between drawing and playing music. We talked about the moment that we love – the Greeks called it ‘kairos’ – the sublime moment where you forget everything, you are in total motion, and your body is only a vehicle for something else. More than what you’ve learned, and more than what you can explain in words. Ah yes, that fleeting moment of joy in art, in all its forms. That’s what brings it all together.

Thank you to Seth for the invitation to a sublime moment at Analogue. Check out Julia’s drawings from the same night on her blog, HERE. They are wonderful.







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  1. Ellen Myers

    Thanks for these awesome drawings of my son, Seth and his trio. I have enjoyed both of your blogs as well as your art. Seeing and reading your observations give me a view into parts of his life I don’t get to see.

  2. Veronica

    Hi Ellen, so glad you enjoyed the drawings! Your son is a wonderful musician and a really nice person, too. But I guess you know that! :)

  3. Seth Myers

    Veronica, thank you so much for being part of a magical evening. I have a collection of drawings that artists have done of me playing, but nothing has struck me the way your work has. Bless you.

  4. Veronica

    Thank you Seth!

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