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Just returned recently from a quick trip to San Diego, California, where I attended the opening of the Art of Digital Show. It was held at the Lyceum Theater Gallery in the Horton Plaza.

My video short, “Collective Innervation”, was one of eight video pieces exhibited, along with many examples of digital photography. (The photo above is a still from the video.) The judge for the show was Neal Benezra, director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The show will be running through November 11, and on October 29 there will be a screening of all the video pieces in the show – including mine – in the Lyceum Theater. Definitely check it out if you are in California, and let me know what you think! The video was created as a visual essay on Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project for the course, Media and Critical Theory, taught by Jae Ho Kang, which I took last spring as part of my Master in Media Arts studies at the New School here in New York. Great stuff for the brain….


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  1. Eliot Brown

    Ach! Just got a new computer, managed to transfer a lot, but not my ‘favorites’ — so am slowly re-building it. Really, quite liberating to start over.

    Nice to see you’ve been able to shake the dust from that town off a little! So why, prey tell, is there not a small and low-resolution version of your digital movie thingie?


  2. admin

    Hey Eliot, good luck with the computer re-building!

    As far as low-rez movies online, Studio 1482 will be launching a motion site soon…I’ll keep you posted.

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