Go Do It Vol. 2, #1


Announcing the publication of Go Do It magazine, Volume 2, #1, titled, Urban Poetry. Go Do It is the magazine of Studio 1482. This issue features stories about urban spaces and places, full of diversity, sensitivity, and humor. Featured stories: The Shape-Up, a description of a Washington Heights urban grooming ritual told in words, photos and illustrations by Kati Nawrocki; Down in the Valley, a photo essay of Bethlehem Steel by Dominick Santise; The Site, a conversation with a New York construction crew in words and pictures by Margaret Hurst; and Central Park – a reportage in words and pictures by yours truly…


Above is an excerpt from the story, about my experiences doing a reportage of my favorite park for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel chain. What a dream job – they used the drawings in their newest hotel on Columbus Circle. If you would like to read about it, or check out the other stories in the issue, you can go to the GDI magazine website here, and sign up to receive your free subscription. (You can request back issues as well; while supplies last.)

This issue of Go Do It also features a profile on Margaret Hurst written by studio member Despina Georgiadis, an illustration spotlight on Eddie Pena‘s job for Coors Brewery and a photography spotlight on Michele Bedigian. All of this put together by the deft hand of the Design Director, studio member Charlotte Noruzi. Definitely check it out! We love the magazine here at the studio, (can you tell by this post?) as it gives us a chance to explore stories that we want to do, as well as promote the art of reportage in drawing, painting and photography. By the way – if you sign up to receive the magazine, fear not, we will not share your mailing information with any third parties. (In other words, if you are getting strange junk mail, it won’t be because you signed up for Go Do It magazine!!)

PS – To purchase, or just take a look at, some of my other Central Park drawings, you can visit my page on the Studio 1482 gallery site: Gallery 1482.com.


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