Con Edison Picket Line

I just returned from the 3rd International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Santo Domingo – what a great three days! Spent this morning scanning my drawings, which I will post soon, but then heard about the demonstration activity going on outside the Con Edison building in NYC, so had to go over and draw that first.

There is a dispute between the union and the management of Con Edison, which is the utility company that brings power to all of New York City. People were marching, chanting, and blowing loud horns outside the ConEd headquarters on Irving Place, not far from where I live downtown. In fact, you could hear the goings on from at least three avenues away.

Police standing guard at Con Ed’s front door watch as a 99% protestor goes by with a flag. Although it was loud and quite noisy, the demonstration was peaceful.

All the noise of the horns and people shouting inspired me to add words and sounds to the drawing – I was also inspired to do it by the sketches I saw coming out of Inma Serrano and Orling Dominguez’s workshop in Santo Domingo. (Love that symposium inspiration!)

With all the signs, sounds, and slogans, it made sense. The whole scene created a large sonic din that could be heard all over the neighborhood.

At 4:30, the crowd began moving away from Con Edison, down Irving Place, and over to Union Square Park. Two women watch from an office high in the sky.

At Union Square Park, there was a stage set up with a band, and important members of several labor unions, as well as politicians.

The slogans were flying fast and furious, and the crowd was cheering. This was a full on labor solidarity rally. Looks like this situation will be going on for a while to come…

all drawings copyright 2012 by Veronica Lawlor, please do not reproduce without permission

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  1. elizabeth

    Hoot! The text adds so much! Gives so much more information.

  2. admin

    Yes, I agree! :) Thanks Elizabeth – so great to see you again in Santo Domingo. Looking forward to next year’s event already…

  3. Carlos Padilla

    Veronica, Thank you again for your interest in our struggle and you accurate depiction of our voices and emotions in our struggle to obtain just pay and benefits. The lockout has ended and we are back to work with a tentative agreement to be voted on if we feel the pay and benefits are commensurate to our skills and labor.
    again, thank you for your interest.

  4. Veronica

    Carlos – Glad to hear the lockout has ended, and I hope the outcome is favorable for everyone.

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