The Enterprise Space Shuttle

Last week, I had the pleasure of drawing the arrival of the space shuttle Enterprise to it’s new home in New York City – the deck of the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier. The Intrepid is docked on the Hudson river pier at about 45th Street in Manhattan. A ton of people came to see the arrival of the Enterprise on a barge along the Hudson.

Here is the crane that will lift the Enterprise on to the deck of the Intrepid.

Getting the crane ready. The Enterprise was surprisingly small – I can’t imagine going up into space in this little ship. Wow.

Turning the Enterprise around. She was on her own barge, and the process of maneuvering took a few hours.

Connecting the two barges – one with the Enterprise and the other with the crane. Just like with any other ship – the connection is made with rope. As much as things have changed, it’s amazing that the same rope used to tie Columbus’s ship is used for a space shuttle. I guess if it works, don’t fix it.

More views of the crane and the Enterprise. This was probably the largest crane I have ever seen – and considering that I have lived my entire life in New York City, that’s really saying something!

The men tying the Enterprise to the crane.

More work attaching the Enterprise.

Just about ready…

Spectators watch intently; a few color studies of the Enterprise.

We have lift off!

Swinging the shuttle around to the other side of the barge, next to the Intrepid deck.

Full view of the Intrepid and crane, with the Enterprise in the air.

Some more color studies of the Enterprise.

View of the Enterprise in her new home. When she touched the deck of the Intrepid, the crowd cheered, and many of them yelled, “welcome to New York!” I love my city. : )

all drawings copyright 2012 by Veronica Lawlor


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  1. Don McNulty

    I really enjoy your, as always , great drawings Veronica.

  2. admin

    Thank you Don!

  3. Frank Bettendorf

    Wonderful sketches and great story telling. Great to see your lines as always and to enjoy the the learning. thanks for posting.

  4. Amalia Wasser

    I just got got your book and I’m very excited about the course. I’m a retired high school Art teacher. I find I still need to leave the house once a day from decades of habit.

    Some how I lost myself during my years teaching. This is perfect!… :)

  5. admin

    Thank you Frank!

  6. admin

    Hi Amalia, So glad to hear the One Drawing A Day book has got you excited to work again…that really is perfect! :)

  7. Andrea

    Dear Veronica,
    These drawings are fascinating and inspiring, as is the One Drawing a Day, too! I enjoy working with this book so much, and it reminds me so many joyful techniques which make us forget the endproduct and instead enjoy the process. Thank you so much for sharing, greetings from Paris, Andrea

  8. admin

    Thank you Andrea, and I’m happy you are enjoying One Drawing A Day! Would love to see some of your drawings, you can post them in our Flickr group:

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