I just returned from my experience as a 38th Voyager aboard the Charles W. Morgan, as she made her way to Boston. It was an amazing voyage and it will take me some time to process all my thoughts and feelings from the journey. As well as all the drawings!

So here is a little preview. We left early morning Tuesday, and spent a good part of the sail enveloped in complete fog. What a spiritual thing that was, to fill our white sails with the wind, and move forward into an unseen white future…trusting only our instincts and the knowledge of the captain. Kind of like the philosophical voyage the Morgan is leading us on, into a new relationship with our oceans, trusting that we can make the change we want to see in the world, unsure of the results, but guided by our knowledge and instincts. Beautiful.

The drawing above shows Captain Kip Files and the Chief Mate, Sam Sikkema, looking off the prow into the foggy distance.


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  1. Charles Foy

    This image captures in a way that words cannot both the trust crew and passengers place in a captain and chief mate, as well as the quiet of being at sea in fog.

  2. Veronica

    Thank you Charlie. It was a pleasure sailing with you.

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