Sea Trials of the Charles W. Morgan

the_morgan_sails!Been doing a lot of traveling and drawing lately, and not enough scanning and posting! I’ve been following the start of the journey of the Charles W. Morgan with the Dalvero Academy, and last week (or so) we were lucky enough to get a floating view of the sea trials. She looked beautiful under sail, and so different from the ship we had seen in dry-dock, looking more like Noah’s Ark than anything that could float! But float she did, and looked so regal with the sails out. I couldn’t get over the romantic vision of how the sails billowed in the wind, and the crew up in the rigging, trying to hold them down! But more on that in a later post…


The Morgan looked so tall and skinny sailing on the horizon – again, very unlike the large hulking mass we had grown accustomed to when she was in dry-dock. But then, when she turned, she became super wide – too wide to really see all at once! It’s like she is many ships in one:



And try drawing her while she is turning! She moves so quickly, you can’t hardly catch her – –



And then, as soon as she’s turned, she sails off into the big blue….beautiful.



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  1. lester palifka

    as always very beautiful sketches.. you do the Morgan proud….Lester

  2. Veronica

    Thank you Lester!

  3. Sigrid

    I love how you drew the ship as if it were a living figure — all gestural. Beautiful, energetic, and inspiring.

  4. Veronica

    Thank you Sigrid!

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