Fundraiser for Ukrainian Refugees

Seeing so many Ukrainian refugees fleeing their homes, leaving family members and life as they knew it behind, I wanted to find a way to contribute. So I painted a sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine and now, a global symbol of hope and resistance, as a way to raise funds for their aid.



I’m auctioning this framed original to raise funds for emergency aid for families fleeing the Ukraine

through CARE, a leading humanitarian relief organization. From March 14th until 11:59 pm on March 20th

you can participate by donating to CARE and sending your receipt via email to verolawlor(at)

Donate $10 for one ticket, $50 for five, or as much as you’d like – each chance is a $10 donation.

I’ll assign the numbers as emails arrive, digitally spin the wheel, and post the winner next week.


Thank you for helping me to help the Ukrainian refugees.

(Framed art is 12″ x 15″)


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