Ukrainian Rally at Washington Square Park, NYC

Even the sky was Ukrainian blue on Sunday, as befitted the Ukrainian rally in Washington Square Park in NYC. The two people on the right side of my drawing were holding poles which each had two flags on them. They explained (paraphrased) – The one with the flags of NATO and the United States together is to make the dictators of the world angry, because those flags show power in democratic societies. The one with the flags of Ukraine and the European Union together is to piss off Putin.

People took turns at the bullhorn to express their opinions, and a Russian woman stood nearby holding a sign urging her fellow Russians to take to the streets. Emotions were high.

There were many displays of cultural pride by the Ukrainians. I saw several women with flowers in their hair, and there were yellow chrysanthemums and daisies all over.


Standing alongside the Russian and Ukrainian people at the rally were New Yorkers of many ethnic descents. Standing in support of Ukraine, and standing in support of PEACE.


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