Me Drawing You Drawing Him

Recently my friend Lapin, the French illustrator and Urban Sketcher, was in town with his wife Lapinette and their beautiful little daughter Louise. We decided to take a trip to uptown Manhattan to the Cloisters to draw some French Medieval style and (maybe?) catch some sun. The sun didn’t cooperate, but we had a great time anyway.

cloistersAs I made the drawing above, I was first asked to put away the ink, then the color, so I finished it with a ball point pen. As I drew this, Lapin drew all the crazy figures and icons on the tops of the columns. There were many of them – here is little Louise in her stroller with all the fantasy animals around her – –


Later in the evening, we all had the pleasure of meeting with Danny Gregory, author of many books on drawing, and his girlfriend JJ. One of Danny’s recent books is An Illustrated Journey, featuring many wonderful artists who draw on location, including Lapin and myself. I’m honored and thrilled to be included with all the talent in the book.

Regardless of what you fear anyone else may thinks of the results, you can become a creative person and achieve a new view of the life you lead. – Danny Gregory

I love Danny’s philosophy and was happy we all had a chance to spend some time together. As we sat and talked, Lapin decided to make a portrait of Danny. So, I decided to make a few drawings of Lapin making a portrait of Danny. So, me drawing Lapin drawing Danny…

lapin-and-danny-1 lapin-and-dany-2

Thanks everyone for the great evening! Wonderful how drawing leads to new friends and experiences every time.


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