oh well, it’s spring anyway…


Yes, spring is here and with it comes the urge for spring cleaning. There were so many unwanted blog comments waiting approval on my blog (how does 2500 grab you as a number?) that I decided it was time to delete them. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted some comments on my posts that I really liked! So, if you’ve commented on any of my posts in the past and have now been D-E-L-E-T-E-D, please don’t take it personally! The power of the admin function was placed in my hands and I inadvertently ABUSED IT – – !

Oh well, at least I don’t have to look at fifty comments about Paris Hilton or great real estate deals anymore. Spring is here and with it a new start. So please, do comment on these posts if you like and I promise not to delete you in future, dear readers!

Happy spring – this was painted at the Botanical Gardens with cherry blossoms swirling around me…a much more enjoyable pastime than administering to a blog, I must say.

My book, September 11 2001: Words and Pictures, is available now. Please visit sept11wordsandpictures.com to order. Thank you.


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