Remembering 9/11

mother-and-child-9-11Remembering September 11th, 2001. As I listen to the reading of the names of the victims at Ground Zero this morning, my mind goes to one woman that I will never forget. I was drawing the events that day, trying to make sense of what was going on. Both towers of the World Trade Center had fallen and the streets of downtown Manhattan were filled with lost, frightened and confused people.  I saw a mother and her child sitting on the stoop of their building, and heard the mother tell the young child that they would wait there for Daddy to come home. I don’t know the woman, I never saw her again, but remembering her right now makes me cry. So many lives were altered that day, and it can be easy to put the experience into a file called “9/11” and forget the moments like this that were so, so hard to bear. Seeing the faces of all the people observing a moment of silence at Ground Zero this morning brings it all back, sharp as a knife. I can only hope that Daddy came home to his family that day, and pray for all those people who never did return.

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