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The Fall/Winter issue of Boston Weddings magazine is out, and the article, “Girl About Town”, features my illustrations of Boston. (The drawing shown above is an alternate illustration of the Zakim Bridge that was not used for the article.) I had a blast running up to Boston for the day, drawing my butt off, and coming home! I left my NYC studio at 4 am and returned that same day at 3 am; tired, a bit scruffy and ink-stained, but very, very happy. I love this kind of assignment! To see the full published article, click HERE. (Photos are by Conor Doherty, styling by Janine Maggiore/Ennis.)

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  1. kate b

    hey ronnie- what a fantastic use of illustration for these photos… i’m so impressed! i really love the work and how beautifully they incorporated them as a backdrop.

    i’m very excited to be back to school in a few weeks… i’ll see you soon!

  2. admin

    Thank you Kate! Like I wrote, it was a great assignment to do. I agree with you, they did a beautiful job of putting it all together.

    Enjoy the tail end of summer – see you in the fall, ready to work!

    – Ronnie

  3. Donna McM

    Wow Ronnie–I love this, but I kept wanting the model to move, so that I could see more of the drawings! Great job. See you in a few days.

  4. admin

    Thanks, Donna. See you soon!

  5. Dominick

    They are all amazing, and some of the best use of illustration (and reportage) in a long long time, but my favorite is the swan. She feels like she just got off of it. Beautiful Ronnie!

  6. admin

    Thank you Dominick! I enjoyed drawing the swans…

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