Art in the Park


Art in the Park – my apartment complex hosted this art in the park event – four painters had two hours to make a painting in front of the crowd. At the end of the two hours the audience voted for their favorite painter, who got a $1000 prize. It’s like Bravo reality tv is now influencing our reality – I expect to get feedback from everyone on everything now. Like the cashier at my supermarket is going to be interviewed later regarding our transaction…”she could have smiled when I gave her the change”…or something to that effect. What was that about the ‘unexamined life’? I’m thinking that maybe it is worth living the unexamined life, after all. Ha! Oh well, I didn’t agree with the crowd as to who should have won, but  it was a fun event to draw, since there were not only four painters and the crowd but a dj playing 80’s dance music in the background. I was not the only one enjoying the dance tracks – – happy summer evening!


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