Playing…a little summer reportage


One of the best things about summertime is time to play! Days spent sitting on an old sheet in the grass, napping, reading, and of course, drawing. I love being able to mess around and try some new ways of expression, just for the fun of it. These drawings were made in the local park of my apartment complex. Everyone, it seems, comes out on summer Sundays. Parents, babies, old people, friends, young couples…the works! It is a veritable drawing feast! These two seemed very serious about their picnic…


And of course I loved drawing Neil and Danielle playing catch! She’s using her uncle’s mitt, and is VERY SERIOUS about learning how to do this. (There are rumors of softball ambitions in school.) Her body language is so expressive…I also love the woman with her two babies sleeping in the background, oblivious to the athletic lessons going on.


And of course, summer in the city is a good time to sit on a park bench and read, allowing yourself to be transported anywhere you want to go…


Summer is here for another month or so…I plan to enjoy every minute of it. “Winter Wonderland” – who’s kidding who? Give me summertime any day of the year!!!

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  1. Peter Skriver

    Hi Veronica
    I found your blog by accident, and now it has become one of my favorite places ón the Internet.
    I find your drawings very expressive and beautiful, and I love the way you tell stories through your drawings. And then they inspire me to go and do my own reportage drawings. Thank you for sharing your work with me.
    I have a technical question – your drwaings consist of precise thin Lines emfased by thickker lines. What medium do you use – pen and ink or felt tip pen. Do you finish your drawings on location or do you work on Them when you get home?
    Hope you will answer my questions and give mé a little insight into your working process.
    Best regards Peter

  2. admin

    Hi Peter,
    Thank you for your kind words! I always finish my drawings on location; I find that when I get them back to my studio the feeling is totally different. As to mediums I work with, I use an assortment of things: dip pen & ink, fountain pen, brush, bamboo, etc. I don’t usually work with markers as I find that they don’t give me enough sensitivity.
    Glad to hear that you are going out and doing your own reportage drawings!
    Thanks again for writing,

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