Waiting for Obama


Just returned from a short trip to DC with Neil and his daughters Ashley and Danielle. There wasn’t time for me to do a lot of reportage, but I did manage to make a quick drawing outside the White House. We were all pushed back by security on horseback to the yard behind the main building, and the rumor going through the crowd was that President Barack Obama and family were returning from Ghana…very exciting! We saw the black Secret Service vans pulling up…congregating…and pulling out. No Obama. We had many theories as to what happened. Neil saw someone pull golf clubs out of one of the vehicles – was it the Obama family luggage in the motorcade? What about Grandma going out to greet the family as they arrived? Maybe Joe Biden? We couldn’t guess. Ashley’s friend Nora asked the guard nearby what had happened. He confirmed that it was indeed a motorcade, but would not say for whom. Despite Nora’s persistent questioning he budged not at all, and would only confirm was that it wasn’t Oprah or Michael Jackson – !! We later found out that the Obamas had arrived at midnight the night before. Anyway, it made for a very exciting interlude to a lovely trip. More drawings next time…

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  1. Eduardo

    Hi Veronica,
    I came here from the UrbanSketchers blog.
    I have to say that I really like your work. It’s amazing how you can catch the time and the mood of the scenes. I love the loose way you draw. I don’t know if “loose” is the better word…maybe “the freely way”…your work is wonderful.

  2. admin

    Thanks for your comments Eduardo. “Freely way”…I like that! – Veronica

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