Yankees Game

This past weekend our good friends Tony and Jeanne treated Neil and I to a ball game at Yankee stadium – what a great time we had!

The seats were terrific, and I not only enjoyed watching the Yanks play Detroit, but also loved the chance to capture all the body language of the players in my sketchbook.

A few more drawings below – 

I love the way the Yankees hang their arms over the side of the dugout. Brings them closer to the action?

Warming up is also fun to watch, and, to draw!

Early in the game, number 99, Aaron Judge, hit a home run -that really got everyone going! And ramped up the excitement every time he came to bat again.

Each hitter had a unique stance – I felt gratified when Tony recognized Giancarlo Stanton by his body language in this drawing.

The pitcher for Detroit almost nailed the Yankee hitter one time – that ball moves fast.

The Yankees had the bases loaded during the eighth inning – things were not looking good for Detroit.

There were quite a few huddles on the pitchers mound where Detroit was trying to figure out their strategy, but in the end, the Yanks won the game and we all cheered like good New Yorkers!

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  1. Tracye

    You definitely captured the action of baseball. Great sketches!

  2. Veronica

    Thanks Tracye!

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