More Summer Illustrations

Posting some more summer drawings – been busier drawing than posting this summer; that’s fun. These are a few drawings I made at Times Square at the end of July. I went out with fellow Studio 1482 members Margaret Hurst and Despina Georgiadis and we had a great time just drawing and hanging out together. Of course there was coffee and cookies involved too. :) I enjoyed playing with the color and graphics of Times Square, as well as drawing all of the tourists. It’s so funny, they all run to Times Square once they get off of the plane, and then find out there is really nothing to do there, except look around. It’s really a spectacle – tourists solely entertained by visual stimuli. Kind of the way illustrators spend their lives. ;)

Of course you’ll see the Starbucks logo in the montage/reportage (montorage?) drawing above – the chain is EVERYWHERE in Manhattan, I would say at least one per block. And I’m only exaggerating a little.  And there are other coffee shops in between all the Starbucks - New Yorkers are really into their coffee. And of course the tourists are looking in every direction – I love them!

Another pile up of corporate logos in Times Square – the church of consumerism! COCA-COLA! MCDONALDS! BROADWAY LIGHTS!

It’s a tabernacle of American advertising, no wonder the tourists make pilgrimages to see it. I love the energy of it, such a cliché but true, and only in New York.

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  1. miguel

    I can exactly figure how you enjoyed drawing this!! I feeling funny myself just now!!!!

  2. Veronica

    :) Thanks, I had a blast! It really is a place like nowhere else.

  3. Don McNulty

    Love the drawings, gotta get to NYC.

  4. Michael A. Miller

    Dear Veronica,

    I just love your drawings, the colors are so vibrant, the subject so earthy, and humanistic, the lines clear and true, and best of all they represent the best of New York.

    Best Regards, Michael

  5. Veronica

    Thank you Michael, I really appreciate that. I love New York, maybe it shows? :)

  6. Veronica

    Don – when are you coming to the Big Apple???

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