Old Friends, New Drawings


One of my favorite things is when the members of Studio 1482 get together for a day of drawing. Today we worked with Patrick, an actor and model who is almost as old a friend to us as we are to each other. His poses are by turns passionate and emotional and then, when he adds a hat and plaid pants, fashionably elegant.

Even though a few of the studio members were sick and we missed their presence, it was still a magical day. I think drawing with friends in the studio is about as close to heaven as we can get in this life. Anyway, that’s how it feels to me. Posting a few drawings here to share…





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  1. Margaret Hurst

    Wonderful day😍

  2. Andrew Hearn


  3. Virginia Hein

    These are absolutely stunning, Ronnie! Something very special about the collaboration of artist and model.

  4. Eva weiss

    These are very beautiful, inspiring and varied. I love the “skeletal” one with the fluorescent green femur. And I like the ‘dandy’ in plaid & bowler done in a quick-gestural/non-precious way. The contrast of atmospheric & structural drawings gives the series a very holistic human experience.

  5. Linda Spence Christman

    Beautiful as usual! Love the last one!!❤️

  6. Suji

    I find these drawings strangely emotional!!! Love how you expressed the plaid pattern!

  7. Veronica

    Thank you everybody!

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