Scooter at the Society

Had a great time drawing the surrealistic fashions of Scooter LaForge at the Society of Illustrators the other night. Lots of great patterns, hand painted fabrics, outlandish shapes, and fun eighties-inspired graffiti looks. Scooter himself was pretty down-to-earth, funny, and smart; so that helped too. He described his fashion influences as a mixture of Elsa Schiaparelli and Basquiat, what a great mixture! Julia and I enjoyed talking with him and Sailor Moon, one of the models, after the event on the F train. Scooter’s style brings me back to the gritty funkiness of the 1980s East Village, and I was having a blast soaking it in.


Scooter LaForge Fashion, Aviator Girl

I call this one Aviator Girl: Great goggles, a bit Mad Max inspired, perfect for lounging around in a club near Delancey Street. The clunky black patent leather platform boots add to the effect, and come  in handy for high-stepping over corner puddles and occasional subway rats!


Scooter LaForge Fashion, Tartan Girl

Tartan Girl comes complete with surrealistic red and black sequined inner tube, perfect for an impromptu swim in the East River.


Scooter LaForge Fashion, Waif Girl

Waif Girl puts Kate Moss to shame. Love the slouchy pose and scrunchy clothes. Sailor Moon did a fabulous job modeling this one.


Scooter LaForge Fashion, Orange 1

This orange kimono-inspired look is more on the romantic side, without sacrificing the mixture of shapes and patterns. The look was complemented with eye-popping orange platform boots and a bright blue hat. Arielle modeled this one, and looked fantastic doing it. Check out the long eyelashes.


Scooter LaForge Fashion, Orange 2

Here is is again. Love the lattice-worked chartreuse pattern stockings.


Scooter LaForge and Anelle Miller

At one point Scooter came out and posed with Anelle Miller, the Executive Director of the Society. What a fun night, and the clothes are fantastic. I did a lot more drawings, too many to post!

You can see more of Scooter’s  fashions in his exclusive collection for Patricia Field HERE.

I was there with friends Despina Georgiadis, Julia Sverchuk and Greg Betza.

Check out their blogs as I’m sure you’ll see some of the gorgeous drawings they did there.

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